Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Choose your favorite art work
2. Select envelope or postcard
3. Place order, quantity 1 package of 10 of each print
4. Free shipping


Artists are invited to submit family friendly art work for consideration in our online catalog. Artists will receive a royalty for every copy sold.

Voters, browse through the catalog and vote for your favorite art work each month.

Enveloped In Art LLC is first and foremost a store where you can purchase a copy of beautiful, original, signed art on envelopes ( PATENT PENDING ) or postcards that expresses an  interest of yours or expresses an interest of the recipient.

Secondly, it is a platform where artists can gain exposure to their art work and receive a royalty for every copy sold.

Purchase a copy of signed, original art work on envelopes (Patent Pending) or postcards.

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